Welding Inspection

Blueveld has experience in welding inspection with qualified personnel to CSWIP & AWS requirement. Blueveld Nigeria Limited also has the best of specialized equipments to enhance welding inspection in structures, pipelines, oil & gas facilities. We are a reliable third-party inspection company that has made a land mark in the Nigeria Oil & Gas industry with a vast Project experience with Oil majors like Shell Petroleum Development Company(SPDC}, Chevron Nigeria Limited(CNL), Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited(MPN)

NDT Inspection

Blueveld has over 20 years experience in Non-destructive test in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry. It is one of the leading indigenous companies providing world-class NDT services to fabrication, pipeline and other sectors of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. In Blueveld Nigeria Limited, we are proud of qualified and experienced staff that meet and exceed client's expectation, provide quality service in the area of manual and digital Radiography, Conventional and Advanced Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle Inspection, Conventional and Advanced Eddy current inspection.

Crawler Radiography

Blueveld uses the Balteau X-ray crawler, a self contained, battery powered system for the radiography of pipelines from 12 inch to 72 inch diameter. Construction is based on integrated, modular sub units, which are assembled into 4 basic configurations to cover the wide range of pipe diameters. The crawler is controlled from outside the pipe by a small radioactive source. External controls have been reduced to a minimum, but a range of internal settings allows the crawler to be precisely tailored to each pipeline. The crawler utilizes the latest microprocessor technology giving enhanced, consistent performance, a high level of reliability and making it extremely easy to use. With our pool of qualified technicians, Crawler radiography is at its best in Blueveld.